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and Referral

Of all our core services, Information and Referral is the most extensive and utilized. At Disability Resource Center, we provide our consumers with valuable resources through our extensive network of providers and agencies. Our partners are focused focused on community resources for persons with disabilities as well as the elderly. Our goal is to provide resources helping people live their lives as independently as possible in their own homes and communities.

Network of Resources

Candid photo of presenters at a Georgia SILC meeting. A woman sitting in her wheelchair is to the left looking at the paper she is holding and a man is standing behind a podium with a white sign on the podium that reads "Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia"Disability Resource Center has many community partners in which we collaborate to create a set of resources in helping people reach their goals of independence. These resources include: transportation, housing, identifying a personal care attendant or emergency community supports (food, furnishings, disaster planning and preparedness). It is our goal to help each person find and utilize the necessary available resources on their personal journey to independence. Our partners include federal, state and community organizations such as:

  • The Georgia Statewide Independent Living Council
  • Administration on Community Living
  • Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Social Security Administration
  • Area Agency on Aging
  • Health & Human Services
  • Additional Partners worth highlighting
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • And other Non-Profits

How can we help you?Circle Photo: two yound men sit at a table looking at the camera.

We offer a variety of services and information. Are you looking for:

  • Assistance with getting out of an institutional setting like a nursing home and into your own home?
  • Support Groups for yourself or a family member?
  • Guidance on assistive technology like computers, tablets, phones or other devices?
  • New tools to help in your search for employment?
  • Information on resources to assist with staying in the community?
  • Assistance with local resources (housing, caregiver support, transportation, or financial assistance)?

We can help with all these and much more!

To get started, fill out our Self- Referral Form or give us a call at 706-778-5355. One of our Independent Living Advocates will contact you concerning your request.

While we are not a crisis center, if you have a pressing situation, please contact the Main DRC office.


If you are outside the 13 counties in our service area, click here to find the CIL serving you.

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