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Looking for someone to relate to with a disability?

Circle photo: two young ladies are outside laughing. The woman on the right is laying on the ground and propping her head in her hands while the woman on the right leans against the other with her hands on her shoulders.Our peer support program provides information, one-on-one peer mentoring, and group interaction helping people with disabilities develop mutual support, assistance, and understanding from the community. DRC provides peer support in a consumer-directed manner – over the telephone, in person when a consumer visits the center, or by visiting the consumer at his or her living site if necessary.

DRC IL Advocates are trained in the philosophy and practice of independent living (IL) and communicate IL strategies to consumers in peer support interactions. We are always looking for individuals interested in helping others cope with difficult issues. If you think you may be interested in participating in our peer support program, please call our office or Contact Us.

Services for Youth & Young Adults

Posed photo of Nancy the Executive Director awarding the 2017 Beep Ball Prize to a young woman. They are both holding a framed logo of Beep Ball in front of them.For a young person with a disability planning for the future may seem overwhelming. Through our programs and partnerships, we are able to work with youth on their journey to independence. Our Independent Living Advocates provide programs that instill knowledge today to empower the future.

If you are interested in our Peer Support programs or Youth programs, please contact us at 706-778-5355 or complete a Self-Referral Form

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